One Dashboard, multiple possibilities.

Trust modern Design with IoT functionality by being provided with a remote access to all the connected devices. An innovative Dashboard has been designed for interpreting data from connected LoRa sensors and it’s further analysis. Simple and smart method of data presentation allows to keep the results concise in a readable form. User-friendly GUI enables personalization available widgets and a language choice.



Security and stability


Data processing


Operation means

Web Ready

Available in your browser


Effective simplicity


Personalized widgets


lpnGate Advanced Gateway

It supports both on-premise as well as cloud storage of your choice (Google, Azure, AWS IoT). Data can be transmitted to The Things Network or be kept securely in your location. Stored data is presented and analyzed in lpnDash sensor analytic system. Powerful connection of this product allows for tank content registration, office environment monitoring, energy usage control, room presence mapping, automated delivery system, suspicious behavior monitoring, hazardous substances detecting and more.

lpnDash dashboard app

A simple and intuitive solution that allows you to control connected devices. It lists all the sensors in the network and allows for a deep analysis of the data collected. Received results are stored, monitored and presented in the form of detailed analysis. You can track the history of changes, by selecting results only in the chosen period of time. Dashboard can be adjusted to your preferences with the use of chosen widgets. Web application is always ready to integrate with the cloud: from now on, you can always have an insight into your industry from any device and place in the world, for a full control and greater possibilities.

lpnMiner - microcontroler for sensors connectivity

System designed to be used in industrial environment. It is based on certified LoRa module. LpnMiner uses LoRaWAN standard to communicate with other devices. It makes lpnMiner energy efficent system which can work on battery power supply for a long time. To increase independence from a permanent power source our engineers designed dedicated energy harvesting shield for lpnMiner. It uses energy received from a solar panel and allows to accumulate it. lpnMiner is resistant to environmental conditions due to an arrangement in the housing, which meets the IP65 standard.


Pricing of lpnDash smart light system depends of many factors.
Pricing table will be available soon.

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